woensdag 6 juli 2011


Finally finished my Jaywalkers.
As mentioned earlier, I modified the stitch pattern slightly to make it more symmetrical, so my basic pattern repeat is:
K-f/b - K(x) - DD - K(x-1) - K-f/b, K1, K-f/b - K(x) - DD - K(x-1) - K-f/b - K1.
For these socks, x = 7.
I'd tried the socks on while knitting and they more or less fit (except for that heel). And then I washed them. And watched in horror as they expanded in the water... Although they are lovely socks, they are now waaay to big for me.
Yarn: Regia 4-faedig Mineral Colour, colourway 04379
Started with 32 sole and 38 instep. I don't really like the way the incs are done to get to 38 instep stitches, it makes two little bumps.
Started first extra 4 guss stitches at 12 cm.
Followed by 13 gussett st (so I had 14 outside marker).
Did shortrow heel, down to 10 middle stitches.
Ate up gussett, same time dec 3 each side in heel, added again at end heel.
This heel is BIG. For the second sock, I added the 3 decs back in after starting the pattern, that looks better (though it takes quite a bit of arithmatic :)).
On first row of K2P2 cuff, still do the DDs. Start both magicloop needles with K2 - that will make K4 over de side seams, but it keeps the cuff beautifully in pattern with the zigzags.

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