donderdag 10 februari 2011


You're not really a sock knitter until you've knit at least one pair of Jaywalkers...
I was there (blogospherically speaking) when the pattern was born, and I remember admiring the extensive R&D that went into the development of the pattern. I have always loved this pattern, but I never got around to knitting it myself. Partly because the pattern is written for dpns cuff-down, and I magic loop socks toe-up.
But now I feel confident enough in my understanding of toe-up construction, and the time has come to knit me a pair of Jaywalkers. Of course, I didn't have to re-invent the wheel: Natalia had already done that and I'm mostly following her write up. One mod though: I'm inserting the bar increases on the double decrease side of the pattern repeat - I like symmetry and I think knitting it that way is easier.
It's really fun to knit. This first try isn't perfect yet (there is some fudging going on in that toe) but it's really fun to see the pattern develop as you knit. On to the gussett :).
Notes and FO in this post.

ETA a week later: the heel is turned. This is going to be a big sock...

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