zondag 17 juli 2011

Jaywalkers revisited

My first attempt at making Jaywalkers made a lovely sock that was hugh. So I'm going to try again and this time I'm making them a whole lot smaller!
Yarn: Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour, colour 958, lot S1695.
Toe: magic caston 12+12, inc to 30+30.
Pattern repeat: K-f/b - K(x) - DD - K(x-1) - K-f/b, K1, K-f/b - K(x) - DD - K(x-1) - K-f/b - K1
This time, x=6, which means 34 stitches for instep.
After last straight row of toe: K-f/b first and last only on instep, one more row straight.
Then start pattern on instep, but: there are just 32 st yet, so x = 1 st less before and after centerline. Add in the 2 extra stitches in row 2 of the pattern.
Start gussett at 15.5 cm. Make 14 gussettstitches.
Once the gussettstitches have been eaten, there are 30 stitches on the heel needle. So x = 2 stitches less before and after the centerline. Add them with an invisible increase, 2 in row 2 and 2 in row 6.

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