vrijdag 23 mei 2008

The rusty nail experiment

It's all about antioxidation...
In his book, Dr. Higa puts it like this:

Deterioration and degeneration in all things, including debilitation and weakening of the life force, is due entirely to oxygen. The phenomenon known as "oxidation" is responsible and is what brings about breakdown and collapse in everything. Strangely enough, oxygen in the molecular form in which we breathe it and take it into our lungs does not have a direct oxidation effect on our systems. It's only when oxygen becomes activated that the conditions are present which enable rapid oxidation to take place.
The power to fend off attacks brought about by degenerative forms of microorganisms and by oxidation is the power of life itself. In fact, it's the life force, and recently there has been a general decline in overall levels of it. More and more of us are suffering all kinds of allergic reactions, contracting incurable diseases of unknown origin, and going down like nine pins before the onslaught of a variety of bacteria that at one time should have posed no threat to human beings at all.

The best known visible form of oxidation is rust, right? So last sunday we poured an inch of undiluted AEM into a jar, and dumped a rusty nail into it.
The photo was made this evening, after leaving the nail in the jar, halfway submerged in AEM, for five days.

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