dinsdag 12 januari 2010


Ravelry is truly amazing. So are the Ravelry members!
Because I do not knit regularly, some of my projects take ages. Years. I started the Entrelac scarf with a random skein of Noro Silk Garden simply because I was curious how entrelac worked. Almost three years ago (blimey! that long?).
Every now and then I'd get some more Silk Garden and knit some more. By the time I had decided the halfway point was reached, and I'd knit the second half using the same colours in reverse, I discovered that one of the colours I needed - 203 - had disappeared off the face of the earth. Absolutely nowhere to be found.
So I searched Ravelry members' stash and lo and behold! I found someone with a few skeins of 203, willing to swap or sell. And she took the trouble to send one of those skeins all the way from Brooklyn NY to my village in Holland.
Ravelry is a closed community, so I can't link to her profile page, but:
Thanks, Mary!!

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